How to Verify SMS for a US PayPal account

If you have a US PayPal account and need a US number to SMS verify your PayPal account, will solve it.

Does it work with PayPal?

Yes! This service absolutely works to SMS verify a US PayPal account

Why is PayPal SMS Verification so hard.

Normally, it’s extremely difficult to verify a US PayPal account, without a real US phone number for SMS verification.

PayPal will reject a VoIP number.

PayPal will reject a US Virtual number.

And there are even other, harder to solve problems. PayPal is one of the most difficult services to verify.

But we have solved it. You can verify your US PayPal account with a real US phone number from, sign up here

Opening a US PayPal account

Even if you incorporate a US LLC (or another company type), and even if you have a US IP Address, PayPal will still bother you and lock you out of your account, until you verify your account with a real US phone number

Once your US phone number is attached to your US PayPal account, you can’t really change it without first getting into the account (which often requires an SMS code!). Alternatively, you can wait until PayPal is open during business hours, and calling them for hours, and even then they usually tell you ‘sorry you need access to the same old number’. It’s incredibly frustrating.

So this means temporary US numbers and dodgy SMS PVA verification services won’t solve your problem.

The hard part is that PayPal will often require you to complete SMS verification on your US number, every time you log in, do a large payment, or try to withdraw your money.

Why we started this service

As a bit of history about us. We started this service to solve this exact problem: allowing digital nomads and entrepreneurs from all around the world, to get a US phone number for SMS verification, to open (and most importantly) maintain access to their US PayPal account.