We provide you with a permanent US phone number for SMS verification. Hardlinephone.com is your solution.

Permanent US number

We give you a new, permanent US phone number. You get to keep this US number and use it for SMS verification as many times as you want, for as many services as you want.

SMS Verification

Your US phone number is guaranteed to receive any SMS from any service. When WhatsApp, PayPal, etc sends you a text message with a verification code, it appears on our webapp immediately, so that you can register an account, verify an account, or log in to your account, without having to be in the US with a physical SIM. Basically, you can do US SMS verification for any service, and keep the same number.

Works for PayPal

YES! This service works with PayPal. More details on how to sms verify a US PayPal account.

For long term use

If you’re running a business and using PayPal, or a long term WhatsApp account, don’t cut corners and risk losing your account. Get a long term, permanent US number from us.

You’ll never dread seeing the “Verify your account via SMS” dialog again.

How does the service work?

We buy new physical Android phones from the local shop (e.g. BestBuy) just like you would if you lived in the US.

Then we buy a real physical US SIM card and put it into the phone, exactly like you would do.

We activate the SIM.

Your Android phone then forwards every single SMS that it receives, to you, via our web app.

We keep your phone safe and protected, on charger 24/7 in our office, in the US.

Not a VoIP Number

Our numbers are real, physical SIM cards. We only provide non-VoIP numbers. They will work.

Not a temporary number

This service is NOT for temporary, one-off or ephemeral numbers, like dodgy online verification services. The US phone number we give you belongs to you, and you keep the same number.

Not for phonecalls

This is not a number you want to use for calling friends, and your normal day-to-day use. More info on [international calls here].