You need a US number to create a US WhatsApp account. Here’s how you do it.

No temporary numbers.

This is the biggest mistake that most people make when trying to create a US WhatsApp account. You can’t use a temporary number!

After doing the initial SMS verification to create the account, WhatsApp will require that you are able to receive an SMS in future too.

And if you use a temporary US phone number, and try to keep using the WhatsApp account, eventually (within 3 months say) that number will enter back into service, and a random member of the public (probably in the US, or potentially anywhere in the world) will have your number, and will be able to try to take over your WhatsApp account.

There’s more to it than that, but in summary, do not use a temporary number.

No Virtual numbers

Often people try to use a virtual number, or VoIP number to create a WhatsApp account. WhatsApp can tell that the number is not a normal number, and will not send the SMS verification code to that number. Or, they’ll just tell you outright, that the number is invalid.

So, unfortunately, you can’t use Skype, OpenPhone, or any number of other cheap and reliable virtual number services for doing SMS verification / OTP verification.

How to verify a US WhatsApp account

The solution is to get a real permanent US number that you can have access to, at any time in the future.

This also protects you from anyone else from taking your WhatsApp account from you.

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